The aim of the Quality Control Board (QCB) is to safeguard auditing services quality.

Mission / Objectives

The aim of the Quality Control Board (QCB) is to safeguard auditing services quality.

In order to meet this objective, QCB is responsible for:



QCB consists of five members appointed by the HAASOB, one of the HAASOB’s Deputy Chairmen appointed as Chairman and one of the members is proposed by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece – SOEL (auditor under retirement). The Board is appointed for a period of three-years.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of HAASOB:


  • Executes the decisions of the HAASOB’s Board of Directors
  • Assigns projects, of their adequacy, to ASB, QCB and DB.
  • Practices administrative monitoring on SOEL and on the rest of the professional institutions of auditors and accountants
  • Evaluates the findings of SOEL’s administration and of the rest professional bodies of Auditors and Accountants.
  • Represents the HAASOB in collaboration with the appropriate bodies in Greece and abroad for the prevention and repression of the legalization of income generated from criminal activities

The Executive Committee is constituted of the President and the two Vice Presidents of HAASOB.


Profession supervision:

  • The granting, maintenance and repealing of statutory auditors’ and auditing firms’ licenses.
  • The definition and supervision of professional examinations framework.
  • The definition of the adequacy of statutory auditors’ practical training.
  • The definition of the duration and adequacy of continuing training programs as well as the adequacy of bodies providing these programs.
  • The keeping of a public register of certified auditors and auditing firms.
  • The approval of the removal or resignation of a statutory auditor or a auditing firm.
  • The definition of the system of disciplinary procedure and control.


ΗΑΑSΟΒ applies the Legislation governing the auditing-accounting profession. It was established by the Founding Law 3148/2003 and acquired extended competences with the Harmonization of National Legislation to the provisions of European Directive 2006/43/EC. HAASOB is an Institution of Public Law. Its function is supervises by the Minister of Economy and Finance.

As a national supervisory body, HAASOB establishes bilateral and multilateral partnerships with other national and international supervisory authorities in order to facilitate information exchange. It is an active member of the European Group of Auditors’ Oversight Bodies (EGAOB).

Profession Supervision

With the Harmonization of National Legislation with the provisions of European Directive 2006/43/EC, the HAASOB is the appropriate authority for the public supervision of the auditing profession. In this framework, HAASOB is responsible for :

  • Providing licensing, maintaining and withdrawing statutory auditors and auditing offices’ licenses,
  • Keeping public registration of certified auditors and audit firms
  • Supervising and controlling professional examinations


Professional Examinations

The objective of professional examinations is to determine whether the candidate possesses a high-level theoretical knowledge of the subjects set out by legislation as well as the ability to apply such knowledge in practice.