A few words about HAASOB

The HAASOB is managed by the Board of Directors and practices its competences via the Executive Committee and the individual supervisory boards and committee : Quality Control Board (QCB), Accounting Standards Board (ASB) and the Professional Examination Committee (PEC).

Board of Directors

The HAASOB’s Board of Directors consists of seven members and is constituted by the Chairman, two Deputy Chairmen and four members. The Board is appointed for a period of three-years.

The Chairman is a person of recognized prestige and wider acceptance with proven experience and scientific training and is nominated according to the process of article 49 A’ of the Greek Parliament’s Regulation.

The Deputy Chairmen are persons with wide scientific training in accountancy and/or the auditing practice.

The HAASOB’s Board of Directors consists of the following:


Mr. Panagiotis Giannopoulos

A’ Deputy Chairman:

Mr. Nikolaos Papadimos

B’ Deputy Chairman

Mr. Alexandros Sikalidis


Mrs. Elpida Magkoura

Mr. Nikolaos Gerantonis

Mr. Konstantinos Sfakakis

Mr. Nikolaos Ireiotis